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Mod Post - Hello!

I put together this community because I wanted to have a dedicated place on Dreamwidth to talk about this series. So, I hope people will get some use of it!

Since I expect this community will stay very small, there are just a few rules here:

-All posts must be directly related to Anno 1790. Discussion about the actors is also okay as long as it directly relates to the work they did on Anno 1790.
-All images must be put behind a cut. Cuts are also heavily encouraged for long text posts (long discussion, meta, fanfiction).
-Member-lock any mature content. I trust everyone to use their own judgment about what "mature content" entails.
-Tag your entries with the tags provided. If you need a tag that is not in the tag list, please comment here or PM me.
-Keep cool and have fun. :)

Familiarity with the series is expected. Labeling for spoilers is not required. Canon-typical content is expected in this community and labeling for it is optional.

If anyone has questions or concerns or ideas for the community, they can be put in this entry, or private messaged to me directly.