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One thing I've lamented about the DVDs is that at least in the North American release, the subtitles can't be turned off. But in some cases, they do work out well for screencaps.

A few screencaps from episode 3 under the cut (Magdalena reading some "revolutionary nonsense") and my somewhat scattered thoughts on that scene.

"Alas, my sister, when for love you yearn
you must find a man for whom liberty burns.
A man who will stand by your side and for equality fight
and with dignity will treat you when you’re home at night"
. Clever.

—Clever? Such nonsense can damage people.

*I originally posted this screencap set on tumblr.

I really love episode 3 ("Flyktiga fruntimmer"/"Fickle Woman") for a lot of reasons. And when I got to this scene, I couldn't stop myself from stopping to screencap it, though in the end I decided to just put together this part of it.

This scene is one of many where the Wahlstedts disagree (and this is not the only one with this sort of at-the-table setting) but I think part of the reason that it stuck with me is that it's a bit early on in the series. And I love how Magdalena is very... direct while at the same time being indirect, when it comes to expressing what she thinks of the whole situation.

I love how, when he tells her not to read it, she does it anyway:

When I was originally putting this photoset together, I had something different in mind in terms of arranging. I wanted to include the images of Magdalena reading the pamphlet, because I loved the way her expression progressed through it. But it didn't work so well as a photoset, so I had to leave those ones out. Here is an extra, though, and the one that I liked best:

It shows everything I like about her reaction to Pauline's little poem, I'd say. Just her smile there as she says "Clever". It's perfect.

Anyway. Magdalena's reaction to it - "Clever" - and her reaction to being told women don't write that kind of thing ("Is that so?") made me think that she'd get along with Pauline very well. It's too bad that there isn't any direct interaction between the two; I think that they'd have a lot that they could agree on. I wonder if there is any place that kind of thing could be wedged in... (This is the kind of thing fanfiction is for, haha)


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